Embracing change!

Making time for you and your spouse is so important. It’s no secret your priorities change when you have a baby. Making sure you keep your relationship with your spouse a priority seems to get lost amongst all the new chaos. It is work having a relationship, it is even more work making your relationship a priority when your world revolves around a baby 24/7. This to me is so so so important, all though it may take some people time to accept that things have changed the important thing is you embrace the change! Knowing you probably will never have the same type of relationship as you did before baby but that doesn’t mean it can’t be even better!! It’s a matter of how much effort you are both willing to put in! Having a date night once a week or going away for a night once a month even. You can’t simply be “mom & dad” you need to be your individual selves still and that means making your relationship a priority!! It all comes down to finding that all mighty balance again. This is something I will never stop searching for as that balance is going to continually change I am learning. Life seems to be a learning experience and if you are not willing to learn, well you aren’t going to experience much or grow as a person for that matter. Change can be a very good thing, you just have to be open to it! ❤️



1st birthday success!!

Well Ryden’s 1st birthday party was a success! It was a long busy day, but it was one to remember for sure! Around 25 people came and showed their love for our son and spoiled him rotten! It was heart warming to see how important Ryden is to so many people! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful & loving people in our lives.
From the decorating, the snack making & organizing, to the cake making. As stressful as it was for me to get everything together it was beyond worth it! Even though Ryden won’t remember his 1st birthday, I will and I know he had a great time! I can’t help but think this birthday is going to be the easiest out of all his birthdays to come. He eventually is going to want a say in what we do and the details of it all. Honestly, I look forward to it!! The day was mostly all about our son but we didn’t forget it was my husbands birthday as well! It was a great day of celebrations and a lot of laughter! Ryden turned 1, Chris turned 29 & Chris and I survived a whole year of parenthood!! If all those things don’t call for celebration, I don’t know what does!
It was a first for all 3 of us, a first we will never experience again with Ryden. Bittersweet is my only word for it. They grow so fast and time flies by. Cherishing every day is so important. 😊


Living 2015 for yourselves, not others!!

Since I had my son, I’ve always told myself I’m not going to force anyone to be apart of his life. If you don’t want to have the joy of watching him grow and learn than that’s their loss! But sometimes it’s hard not to take offence to it. My thoughts for certain situations is how can you not want to be involved with this precious little being? It’s baffling to me as how some can make excuse after excuse as to why they are distant. Even blaming the parents for not seeing the baby. For example, if you see him maybe 3 times a year because you live far away you would think those 3 times a year you are around this little person you would soak up as much time as possible with them. You would make an effort to get them a small gift at Christmas and for their birthday. Doesn’t matter if it’s a $2 gift or even something you made, money isn’t the point it’s the thought that counts. I just don’t get the lack of effort and love towards someone that is so innocent & irresistible. As a Mom this hurts my heart, cause I know one day when he’s older the questions will come and he will start realizing how things are. I am certainly starting to realize family doesn’t have to be blood related! Your friends are the family you chose and lots of times the family you are closest with!! Besides the fact that our son was born in 2014, it has been the worst year. So 2015 has got to be better, 2015 is going to be a year of great memories no matter who decides to be a part of it! Live your life for yourselves not to please others, that’s what me and my little family will be doing! So from my family to yours wishing you a very Happy, Positive & Healthy New Year!!

I hate teething…

Before I start I just want to say 1000+ views on my blog! I’m shocked and extremely humbled, thank you all!! This post is going to be a very short one, it’s that busy time of year right now!
Teething… I HATE teething! I believe there’s a reason we don’t remember being a baby, I can’t imagine how painful teething is. This type of pain is meant to be forgotten! Not all babies have a hard time teething, but for the ones that do ( like my son) I feel for them AND the parents. Hang in there!! Although it is frustrating when baby is cranky, not sleeping well, feeling feverish, whiny and clingy. I can’t blame them for acting this way, I would probably be the same way if I was in that kind of discomfort! I think the most frustrating thing for me is not being able to do anything to help my son. If there was a way for me to stop his pain I would. It hurts my heart to see him in pain. I guess this is going to be a pain in my heart I will have the rest of my life now. If he hurts I will hurt, it is something that you never get use to or never gets easier, it’s not something you out grow as your child grows up either. I guess that is what pure true love does to you…

From my family to yours, wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas & happy New Year! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, weather it be spent creating new traditions or reliving old traditions. Enjoy & cherish the time spending it with those you love!

You don’t know it all…

Advice & suggestions when asked or needed are great, but having someone constantly telling you what is right or what you are suppose to do really annoys me… Everyone has there own experiences with being a parent and everyone has there own things that work. There’s always going to be that 1 person that thinks they know everything, know a lot more than you do & can do everything bigger & better than you can. The trick is learning how to deal with them. This is something I struggle with knowing how to handle. I mean how do you politely argue with someone that they don’t know everything & everything isn’t a competition? Call me rude but I just try and avoid people like this, unfortunately you can’t always dodge these people. I’m interested in how other people handle people like this. Do you try to avoid them or do you confront them? If you confront them do you call them out on their arrogance or do you just say you disagree with them? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when that opinion is pushed upon other people or that person makes it clear their opinion is the only one that’s right and that matters & they are constantly in competition about who’s the better parent & who’s baby is better that’s when I consider it annoying and overstepping their bounds.

Planning the 1st birthday!

Less than one month and our son is going to be 1 year old!!! This is just crazy to me, time has gone by so fast it’s unbelievable. Ryden turning 1 is bittersweet for me, it is so fun & amazing to watch him grow and discover the world around him but it is also sad because all the firsts he’s had we will never experience with him again. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, time really is so precious and life really is too short!
Like I said January 3rd is less than a month away so I’ve started to plan his birthday party, with the holidays coming up I figured I should get a head start since during Christmas I won’t have much time. I’m going in blind here, I’ve never planned a birthday party for a baby before. How many people do we invite, what kind of cake should I make, should we make a big or small deal about it, do we make it a party with just family & a few close friends? I guess it really boils down to personal preference. Also my husbands birthday just so happens to be the same day so I’ve got to try and plan 2 different birthdays. I never want Chris to think his birthday is less important now, so it will be my mission to make both boys feel like it is both their day!!
I’m a very detail oriented & organized type of person, so planning these kinds of things if I don’t have multiple lists I can’t function. Just “winging it” is not an option for me! Haha I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve & a couple lists started so I’m hoping it all works out the way I am picturing it in my head! We only get 1 first birthday so here’s hoping it all comes together!!


Sounding like a broken record…

No! What are you doing? Get that out of your mouth please…
I feel like these 3 phrases are all I say lately! No being the word in my vocabulary I use the most. I sound like a broken record, I’m sure. Now that my son is 11 months he is getting into everything and getting more and more confidant in his mobility there’s never a dull moment that’s for sure. I never thought attitude was developed so early! How does this tiny human that can’t even talk yet get his feelings across so loud & clear!?! And how does this super cute tiny human who is happy 90% of the time make that 10% of the time he’s not happy seem like it is so much more time when it’s happening?
He gets so excited to see his Dad come home from work at 7pm it is so sweet to watch but I’m pretty sure some of that excitement is because he is just so sick of me & hearing me say no all day! He can be so cranky and then Chris walks through the door and he’s a whole new baby!! Frustrating to hear my husband say to me ” he’s not cranky at all.” I need to start videoing him 10 mins before Chris gets home so he believes me! I’m sure in that recording you would hear me say those 3 phrases at least 3 times each…
As frustrating as it can be, it is still so worth it. But as the attitude and his curiosity grows, I’m finding “me time” is getting to be that much more important! Interacting with someone that you don’t talk to in a baby voice is so nice, not having to think about anything for even half an hour, or enjoying a HOT cup of coffee what a treat!!! Oh how life changes when you become a Mom! Some of these changes are more of a struggle to adapt too but none of them are bad changes. It basically all comes down to finding your balance… (I’m still working on this)