Selfish or Just Human?

Living in the area that I live in the typical working shift is 4 days on & 4 days off (12 hour days). So when my husband is working those 4 twelve hour days they are long, and sometimes can be lonely. Some days fly by and other days drag on to the point it feels like I’m looking at a clock that just doesn’t move… Don’t get me wrong I love being home with my son, watching him learn new things everyday  is amazing & I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But it is sort of like being a single Mom for 4 days. Which can be physically & emotionally draining at times.
For this I must give MAJOR props to single parents! I have the utmost respect for you and all that you do 24/7, 365 days a year. You take on the role of both parents, you absolutely rock!

Which brings me to that guilty feeling that floods my entire body again. That guilt I feel when on those 4 days Chris works, I long for 7pm to come to have a break. Does that make me a bad Mom? Does that make me selfish? Or does that just make me human? I guess those answers  are a matter of opinion… Why as Mother’s do we allow ourselves to feel this guilt? Why do we think because we are Mom’s, we no longer think of our individual selves ? This I believe is all part of the learning & growing process in this new chapter of our lives and for some it’s not so new of a chapter but still struggle with finding that balance…

In my next post I’m going to share with you what I do for a little guilt free “me time” everyday!!


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