“Me Time”

On Chris’ work days 7pm means it’s my little bit of “me time”.
I pour a drink and start cooking dinner! Cooking to me is relaxing, I love it! I love trying new recipes and I love the fact that when I cook I don’t think about anything but what I’m doing (most of the time anyways)! It is probably the only “me time”  I have no guilt about! I’m not sure why but it is. It may seem small to some, but for me it is a huge step in the direction of finding that balance!! I’m sure everyone has at least one little thing they do almost everyday for themselves even if its  only for  10 minutes.  If you don’t, I highly recommend doing something starting today!

I’ve decided that once in a while  I’m going to share links to some of my favourite recipes with you. For those of you who also love to cook!! If cooking isn’t relaxing or your idea of “me time”, I’m curious as to what you do for a little “me time” most days. What do you do for yourself?

Here’s one of our favourite dinners I make, it’s so yummy and I put it on top of black bean noodles!



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