Traditions, everyone has them! I think family traditions are great & very important, I also am a firm believer on starting new traditions. Now that Chris and I have our son Ryden, I think it’s time we start some of our own family traditions. This doesn’t mean we have to give up any traditions that either side of our families have, but I think that it’s important that we establish some new ones for our own little family to have!
Chris & I both come from small families, when we got married we had to figure out how to make things fair for each side. This I think most couples struggle with at first. When it comes to big holidays like Christmas we decided that we would rotate every year who we spent it with ( one year my side, the next year Chris’ side). Which has worked for us & we didn’t have feel guilty about it because it was fair. 
Well now that we have a baby this has made it a bit more complicated for us. How do we balance what everyone wants and what we want? I’m curious as to how you all have balanced your family traditions on either side and starting your own.
Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Birthdays etc… How do you balance all your old traditions & start new ones with these special occasions without upsetting or offending anyone?  Well this is something we are trying to figure out now. This is definitely unknown territory to us    (like this whole new chapter of our lives we’re in).
Like I’ve said in a previous post, you can’t please everyone! All you can do is try your best to be fair to both sides, while still being fair to yourselves with what you want as well.



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