Why in today’s society is comparing yourself to others & constantly being in competition with people you know ok?
Why is it normal to hear(for examples) my kids cuter than that persons, or you lost 15lbs well I lost 20lbs, I make way more money than that person & so on.
How about being proud of the weight you’ve lost instead of feeling like a failure when you hear so and so lost more weight than you. Or be happy you have a stable good paying job even though others make more than you.
Why is what we do ourselves never enough as soon as you hear of someone else that has sir past your accomplishments? Why are they no longer considered accomplishments? You just obsess about how you haven’t done as well as someone else?
So what if it takes you a lot longer than someone else to accomplish your goal whether that be loosing weight or how long it takes you to buy something you really want. Be proud of the progress YOU have made not where other people are at!

One thing that really bothers me is when I hear parents compare their kids with others. Yes as the parent of your child you do have a bias opinion but that doesn’t give you the right to look down or put down another kid that may not be as advanced or at the same level as yours. So one kid can skate better than the other or your baby started crawling first or your kid can read faster etc… Why does it matter? Why are we teaching our kids, the next generation in society to be this way? It’s scary to think how vain & conceded we are showing kids to be as well. Selfie after duck faced selfie, An I’m better than you attitude, the need to have the best of the best. It’s not a shock how much of a problem bullying is in schools & on the Internet. This is societies fault and as parents our responsibility is to change it! No?
If we all start celebrating our own accomplishments and being happy with the things you have instead of worrying about & comparing ourselves to  others that’s what our kids will do as well… Just something to think about!



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