Enjoying the important moments…

As I sit here watching my son play, I can’t help to think I don’t do this often enough. You know just sit here and watch him. I’m the type of person that always is doing something, whether it be laundry, cleaning, prepping meals or running errands. I always feel the need that I have to be doing something.
Time goes by so fast as it is and stopping to enjoy what is right now I’m discovering is very important! Planning to do nothing in your day should be a must! Just sitting watching your kids play or playing with them, perhaps just sitting down and enjoying a cup of tea during nap time. Society today (in our culture) has made the norm to be busy, busy, busy all the time. In some European cultures for example, Italians make family time and relaxation time a priority. Closing businesses to go home and enjoy lunch with their families. It isn’t all about the all mighty dollar to them, it is about quality time with family & friends and enjoying life! This is how it should be, in my opinion anyways.
As I start to get older it seems time goes by faster & faster. Every moment is that much more important. So why is it so hard to just stop and enjoy it? Why is it that washing the floors or cleaning the bathrooms is so important that it stops us (or me) from just sitting and doing nothing but enjoying that moment?¬† This is something I know I need to work on! I’ve chosen to be a stay at home mom because I don’t want to miss out on all the things my son is learning to do and discovering, yet I don’t take the time to really just enjoy the moments that pass so quickly. Because I feel the need to keep busy with the small things in life that really can wait and aren’t as important. Stressing about how messy the house is or how behind you are on the laundry. Yes these are things that need to be done but they shouldn’t take priority over enjoying the important moments, those moments that really are what life’s suppose to be all about! After all life really is too short to miss out on the truly important moments.



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