Winter is here…

Well winter is finally here. As I watched the snow come down yesterday, not only was I sad the beautiful fall we had has come to an end but my anxiety kicked in thinking about how house bound we are going to be soon. How much work it’s going to be to just run downtown to the store or to check the mail. We’ve spent a lot of time outside all summer/fall, now winter and all it’s bundling up and extremely cold weather will be keeping us cozy in the house lots of the time.
I guess now is time for me to get creative and think of different things to keep us busy & entertained inside on those snowy cold days! When I figure some out I’ll be sure to share! Any ideas you have feel free to share as well.
One good thing about cold winter days is all the yummy comfort food you cook, crock pot & soup season is here!!! Winter is the season I try the most new recipes. My husband absolutely loves when I try cooking new things.
Yesterday I planned on trying 2 new recipes which turned out to be so suiting for the snowy day it turned into!! Both recipes turned out delicious and I most definitely will be making them again. Who doesn’t love broccoli cheese & bacon soup with homemade dinner rolls!?  So I thought I would share the links with you all so you can test them out!! Enjoy 🙂



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