How much is too much?

Now that the hustle & bustle of the holiday season is starting, we are experiencing our first taste of Christmas shopping for our son. He will be 11 months in December, there are SO many toys and things that we could buy for him. The question is how much is too much and where do you draw the line? Lets be honest, he isn’t going to remember what he got at this age and he probably will play more with the boxes his toys came in than the actual toy…

I think the amount of money spent on kids today at Christmas is crazy! Don’t get me wrong spoiling your kids durning the holidays is just as fun for the parents to watch the excitement on their faces but spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars seems insane to me.
Just the sense of entitlement kids have today, I believe is stemmed from how spoiled they are. So is it now that we set boundaries for how much we spend on him or is that something to start worrying about later?
The consumerism today at Christmas is all about buy, buy, buy.  (Now I see nothing wrong in buying gifts for people & think completely boycotting buying anything is ridiculous because gifting giving has been apart of Christmas traditions for thousands of years). It’s the amount that is expected for people to buy/spend that is crazy.
What happened to it being all about spending time with loved ones? That should be the most important part of the holidays. Making those memorable traditions for your kids to treasure, whether it be baking cookies & decorating them together, going tobogganing, watching a certain Christmas movie every year, putting up the Christmas tree, having a big family dinner, etc… These are things that kids are going to have the most memories of, not the amount of presents they got! Sometimes the best gifts are the priceless ones.




  1. we are probably the exact other end of the typical haha, I would absolutely hate if our children forgot how to appreciate little things. They are so happy with the littlest and silliest things. Lucy was over 2 last year and she barely opened her present. (yes singular) we do Christmas a little different anyways as back Santa comes to our house to bring the presents, so Santa brought each of us one present and one family present which was a game for all of us to play together. We try to get people to give time and experiences to our children instead of toys, our kids love doing activities swimming, gymnastics, indoor playground etc. and all of them cost money and when they get older their hobbies get so expensive with fees and equipment… especially for us as neither of our family lives close by and rarely is able to visit they are very eager to send them a lot and it has been a long road to mutual understanding… she got few other things later the year she got sent… as it was nice to have something new I could whip out on the days Jude needed me more and I couldn’t attend to Lucy as much… 😉
    you’re probably safe if you go crazy this year and the next as he won’t know the difference but also probably won’t open the presents… maybe at least you can ask for things you actually need so your house doesn’t turn into a toy warehouse haha 😉 also last year we did so a lot of things building up to the actual day that after it was over Lucy was really disappointed it was over, the elf on the shelf left, santa wasn’t at the mall anymore etc. She was asking about Santa for months which I never expected. Hopefully your first Christmas is magical and not too stressful and overwhelming.


    1. That sounds like a wonderful tradition Jenni! We by no means are going crazy with gifts for him, there really isn’t any point especially at his age!! Thanks so much for the input I really appreciate it! Merry Christmas to you, chad and the kids 🙂


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