Sounding like a broken record…

No! What are you doing? Get that out of your mouth please…
I feel like these 3 phrases are all I say lately! No being the word in my vocabulary I use the most. I sound like a broken record, I’m sure. Now that my son is 11 months he is getting into everything and getting more and more confidant in his mobility there’s never a dull moment that’s for sure. I never thought attitude was developed so early! How does this tiny human that can’t even talk yet get his feelings across so loud & clear!?! And how does this super cute tiny human who is happy 90% of the time make that 10% of the time he’s not happy seem like it is so much more time when it’s happening?
He gets so excited to see his Dad come home from work at 7pm it is so sweet to watch but I’m pretty sure some of that excitement is because he is just so sick of me & hearing me say no all day! He can be so cranky and then Chris walks through the door and he’s a whole new baby!! Frustrating to hear my husband say to me ” he’s not cranky at all.” I need to start videoing him 10 mins before Chris gets home so he believes me! I’m sure in that recording you would hear me say those 3 phrases at least 3 times each…
As frustrating as it can be, it is still so worth it. But as the attitude and his curiosity grows, I’m finding “me time” is getting to be that much more important! Interacting with someone that you don’t talk to in a baby voice is so nice, not having to think about anything for even half an hour, or enjoying a HOT cup of coffee what a treat!!! Oh how life changes when you become a Mom! Some of these changes are more of a struggle to adapt too but none of them are bad changes. It basically all comes down to finding your balance… (I’m still working on this)



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