Planning the 1st birthday!

Less than one month and our son is going to be 1 year old!!! This is just crazy to me, time has gone by so fast it’s unbelievable. Ryden turning 1 is bittersweet for me, it is so fun & amazing to watch him grow and discover the world around him but it is also sad because all the firsts he’s had we will never experience with him again. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, time really is so precious and life really is too short!
Like I said January 3rd is less than a month away so I’ve started to plan his birthday party, with the holidays coming up I figured I should get a head start since during Christmas I won’t have much time. I’m going in blind here, I’ve never planned a birthday party for a baby before. How many people do we invite, what kind of cake should I make, should we make a big or small deal about it, do we make it a party with just family & a few close friends? I guess it really boils down to personal preference. Also my husbands birthday just so happens to be the same day so I’ve got to try and plan 2 different birthdays. I never want Chris to think his birthday is less important now, so it will be my mission to make both boys feel like it is both their day!!
I’m a very detail oriented & organized type of person, so planning these kinds of things if I don’t have multiple lists I can’t function. Just “winging it” is not an option for me! Haha I’ve got some ideas up my sleeve & a couple lists started so I’m hoping it all works out the way I am picturing it in my head! We only get 1 first birthday so here’s hoping it all comes together!!



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  1. Don’t get too stressed Renee, the first birthdays really are just for the parents (read mom), the 1 year-old couldn’t care less and probably gets overwhelmed of the big commotion 😉 but maybe something special for Ryden during the day and a special date night or adult party for Chris in the evening 😉 Lucy didn’t really have first birthday as we just moved to Kamloops and didn’t really no anyone to invite, Jude had one but poor boy is born on Canada day weekend and even though we had his the weekend before a lot of our friends couldn’t make it, Lucy’s second bday was a regular party nothing too fancy as I had a newbie too and that was so overwhelming plus we had it on Chad’s split (shift work seriously try to plan anything when Chad is on 4 on 4 off, one of our friends are week on week off, one mon-thu and rest mon-fri or out of town for weeks etc.) but yes when the party was over I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day, Chad went for a nap and Lucy went into her room to play with her old toys (so much for all the new stuff haha). This year Lucy had a “fundraising race” for her friends as we really didn’t want presents and she got a new bike from us and she had been all bummed when I had been racing all summer and she hasn’t got to go with me… so we made bibs and had medals etc for them the kids didn’t really get it but everyone had fun. We donated her fundraising to one of her favourite activities, Mother Goose, which is free for everyone and has brought so much joy to us and lot of her friends… And Chad was supposed to be on days off, I was so excited finally I don’t have to do everything on my own but then he was doing crazy overtime and was basically half alive for it. Maybe next year 😉

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