You don’t know it all…

Advice & suggestions when asked or needed are great, but having someone constantly telling you what is right or what you are suppose to do really annoys me… Everyone has there own experiences with being a parent and everyone has there own things that work. There’s always going to be that 1 person that thinks they know everything, know a lot more than you do & can do everything bigger & better than you can. The trick is learning how to deal with them. This is something I struggle with knowing how to handle. I mean how do you politely argue with someone that they don’t know everything & everything isn’t a competition? Call me rude but I just try and avoid people like this, unfortunately you can’t always dodge these people. I’m interested in how other people handle people like this. Do you try to avoid them or do you confront them? If you confront them do you call them out on their arrogance or do you just say you disagree with them? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but when that opinion is pushed upon other people or that person makes it clear their opinion is the only one that’s right and that matters & they are constantly in competition about who’s the better parent & who’s baby is better that’s when I consider it annoying and overstepping their bounds.


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