Living 2015 for yourselves, not others!!

Since I had my son, I’ve always told myself I’m not going to force anyone to be apart of his life. If you don’t want to have the joy of watching him grow and learn than that’s their loss! But sometimes it’s hard not to take offence to it. My thoughts for certain situations is how can you not want to be involved with this precious little being? It’s baffling to me as how some can make excuse after excuse as to why they are distant. Even blaming the parents for not seeing the baby. For example, if you see him maybe 3 times a year because you live far away you would think those 3 times a year you are around this little person you would soak up as much time as possible with them. You would make an effort to get them a small gift at Christmas and for their birthday. Doesn’t matter if it’s a $2 gift or even something you made, money isn’t the point it’s the thought that counts. I just don’t get the lack of effort and love towards someone that is so innocent & irresistible. As a Mom this hurts my heart, cause I know one day when he’s older the questions will come and he will start realizing how things are. I am certainly starting to realize family doesn’t have to be blood related! Your friends are the family you chose and lots of times the family you are closest with!! Besides the fact that our son was born in 2014, it has been the worst year. So 2015 has got to be better, 2015 is going to be a year of great memories no matter who decides to be a part of it! Live your life for yourselves not to please others, that’s what me and my little family will be doing! So from my family to yours wishing you a very Happy, Positive & Healthy New Year!!


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