1st birthday success!!

Well Ryden’s 1st birthday party was a success! It was a long busy day, but it was one to remember for sure! Around 25 people came and showed their love for our son and spoiled him rotten! It was heart warming to see how important Ryden is to so many people! We are so blessed to have so many wonderful & loving people in our lives.
From the decorating, the snack making & organizing, to the cake making. As stressful as it was for me to get everything together it was beyond worth it! Even though Ryden won’t remember his 1st birthday, I will and I know he had a great time! I can’t help but think this birthday is going to be the easiest out of all his birthdays to come. He eventually is going to want a say in what we do and the details of it all. Honestly, I look forward to it!! The day was mostly all about our son but we didn’t forget it was my husbands birthday as well! It was a great day of celebrations and a lot of laughter! Ryden turned 1, Chris turned 29 & Chris and I survived a whole year of parenthood!! If all those things don’t call for celebration, I don’t know what does!
It was a first for all 3 of us, a first we will never experience again with Ryden. Bittersweet is my only word for it. They grow so fast and time flies by. Cherishing every day is so important. 😊



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