Embracing change!

Making time for you and your spouse is so important. It’s no secret your priorities change when you have a baby. Making sure you keep your relationship with your spouse a priority seems to get lost amongst all the new chaos. It is work having a relationship, it is even more work making your relationship a priority when your world revolves around a baby 24/7. This to me is so so so important, all though it may take some people time to accept that things have changed the important thing is you embrace the change! Knowing you probably will never have the same type of relationship as you did before baby but that doesn’t mean it can’t be even better!! It’s a matter of how much effort you are both willing to put in! Having a date night once a week or going away for a night once a month even. You can’t simply be “mom & dad” you need to be your individual selves still and that means making your relationship a priority!! It all comes down to finding that all mighty balance again. This is something I will never stop searching for as that balance is going to continually change I am learning. Life seems to be a learning experience and if you are not willing to learn, well you aren’t going to experience much or grow as a person for that matter. Change can be a very good thing, you just have to be open to it! ❤️



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